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  • Eric Garrison
    commented 2022-08-27 18:20:55 -0400
    I find it very sad that the United States 🇺🇸 Flag is flying backwards over the new Hudson County Court House. 😢
  • Max Williams
    commented 2022-08-19 08:34:29 -0400
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  • Jonathan Dale Sr
    commented 2022-08-08 17:02:46 -0400
    I have been trying to get somebody to shame our previous landlord. 21 Merritt Street, Jersey City. On July 2, 2022 my wife and I were moving out. We moved the bulk of the things out. We were going back and forth to move our the rest of things.

    He told the contractors to throw out the rest of our stuff. We didn’t know this until someone told us. There was no eviction or abandonment of property. My wife died on July 15, 2022. I buried her on July 27, 2022. My opinion is this contributed to her death. I did consult a attorney he said I have to wait for the M.E. report. Someone needs to shame him. I have pictures. It seems like no one will listen to me.
  • Héctor Rivera
    commented 2022-06-29 10:44:28 -0400
    Dear Mr. DeGise, 


    I’m writing to petition you for the use of only paper ballots in the upcoming November 2022 Election.  I strongly request that no electronic voting systems be used at all.  I have not come to this point of view quickly or lightly.  Over the last couple of years many hard-working Americans have become aware of voting irregularities, loopholes, and weaknesses that exist in our electoral processes that may leave room for fraud.  Public sentiment on this topic has shifted and now your constituency demands more from you than to allow the status quo to continue.  Christopher Krebs, the disgraced former DHS Director of CISA was fired for falsely stating that the November 3rd, 2020 Election was the most secure in American History.  An ever-growing mountain of forensic evidence has since justified his termination.  Have you reviewed this evidence? 


    Brave whistleblowers and technical specialists have gone on the record to enlighten us about how election fraud IS possible and has been happening right under our noses.  I will focus here on two of these expert specialists.  One is J. Alex Halderman.  Mr. Halderman has a PhD in Computer Science from Princeton University and is Director of the Center for Computer Security & Society.  He is also an esteemed Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan.  Senior Judge Amy Mil Totenberg of the Northern District of Georgia has placed Mr. Halderman’s expert witness report on voting machine vulnerabilities under seal.  Isn’t it interesting that Judge Totenberg, in the swing state of Georgia, doesn’t want the public to have access to this crucial information?  Even so, Mr. Halderman’s important data can be legally found in the public domain by other means.   


    In the Halderman Declaration, he states, “In my report—a 25,000-word document that is the product of twelve weeks of intensive testing of the Dominion equipment provided by Fulton County—I find that Georgia’s BMDs contains multiple severe security flaws.  Attackers could exploit these flaws to install malicious software, either with temporary physical access (such as that of voters in the polling place) or remotely from election management systems.  I explain in detail how such malware, once installed, could alter voters’ votes while subverting all the procedural protections practiced by the State, including acceptance testing, hash validation, logic and accuracy testing, external firmware validation, and risk-limiting audits (RLAs).  Finally, I describe working proof-of-concept malware that I am prepared to demonstrate in court.  Please see the attached pdf “Declaration of J. Alex Halderman.”  If you are unable to open the attachment, please email me and I will be happy to mail you a printed copy.    


    An even more revealing expert witness is the brave whistleblower, Terpsehore Maras.  Ms. Maras has been a private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence and has acted as a LOCALIZER during the deployment of projects and operations both OCONUS and CONUS.

    She is a trained Crypto-linguist, holds a completed degree in Molecular and Cellular Physiology and has FORMAL training in other sciences such as Computational Linguistics, Game Theory, Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, among others.  I highly recommend that you interview her and obtain an official copy of her certified Affidavit of Truth.  Please see the attached (redacted) pdf “T Maras Affidavit.”  If you are unable to open the attachment, please contact me and I will happily mail you a printed copy.   


    Per Ms. Maras, much of the fraud within election systems can be carried out through tech vulnerabilities such as FROGs and COTS – components off the shelf.  New Jersey needs stronger state laws to truly guarantee certain COTS and hidden nefarious programs are not allowed in our systems and that we have transparent inspections by an appropriately trained, accredited entity.  It should not be acceptable that the manufacturers of our voting systems do not allow their “proprietary” codes or components to be fully inspected.   


    Here, Ms. Maras explains what FROGS are, but I would also refer you to her affidavit containing in-depth knowledge of COTS


    FROGS are potentially the downfall of ANY tech company’s security not just Dominion.  Dominion systems have a “cipher trapdoor.”  Its where code exists to translate plain text (info that you are transmitting to a receiver – like ballot votes to receiver for tally) into encrypted code and then encrypted code back into plain text.  It’s a FROG ciphertext.  Ciphertext is basically encryption of plaintext (just naked data).  Block ciphers use logical operators or “eXclusive OR” (XOR) logic operators that are fixed sequences applied to plaintext and a secret key to yield ciphertext.  FROG block ciphers are stealthy.  They actually HIDE the actual fixed sequences or primitive operations even when the cipher is known.  Normally the key is used as data, but a FROG uses the secret key as data and ALSO as a set of guidelines and instruction to create, combine or ALTER the data.  That means the secret key (decipher key) is used as a program – therefore FROG INTERPRETS the data as the KEY INSTRUCTS.  For example.  Your ballot goes into the machine.  The trapdoor “shuffles and cleanses” according to Dominion to anonymize your votes and spits them out on the other side “anonymized” to supposedly match your original data but without looking like the original data so you [are] awarded privacy.  You just have to trust them since you aren’t allowed to know their secret key.  Is this why the EAC appointed companies and [now] states AREN’T allowed to examine the “proprietary code”?  


    They claim their software is proprietary because it’s about encryption – when in fact there is a FROG baked into it.  Your ballot goes in as plaintext, a secret key encrypts it and then the same key decrypts it and then it comes out as plaintext again, so they say.  FROG Ciphers use SECRET KEYS that are programs allowing to implement scripts and algorithms.  Hence the percentage of votes and the change in tallies.  Incredibly, the creator of this block cipher attracted the Central Intelligence Agency back in 1998 because it was created to be able to DEFEND “itself” from unknown and unpredictable cyberattacks but also was a failsafe in case AI was ever to get out of hand.  In essence, it’s the key to Quantum computing.  The block cipher has come a long way from the original pitch below.  How do I know? I was there in 1999 when the creators pitched it to former top brass namely, John Brennan, James Clapper, General Hayden, General Jones, John McCain and up-and-coming tech giants who use FROGS but unknowingly have the original FROG machine instructions baked into them.  


    “FROG is very easy to implement (the reference C version has only about 150 lines of code). Much of the code needed to implement FROG is used to generate the secret internal key; the internal cipher itself is a very short piece of code.

      It is possible to write an assembly routine of just 22 machine instructions that does full FROG encryptions and decryption.  The implementation will run well on 8-bit processors because it uses only byte-level instructions.  No bit-specific operations are used.  Once the internal key has been computed, the algorithm is fairly fast: a version implemented using 8086 assembler achieves processing speeds of over 2.2 megabytes per second when run on a 200 MHz Pentium PC.”  Back then it was an algorithm with 8 cycles and a complicated for that time key schedule.  Many worked hard as others have to amplify it and most AES block ciphers draw on the FALSE portrayal of what FROG was.  


    Building out a code is almost like a house that you build out, only ciphers are built out with subkeys upon subkeys but nevertheless the foundation remains the same.  A FROG is simply a bidirectional interpreter.  There is no master secret key UNLESS you know the ORIGINAL FROG block cipher key.  That means EVERY FROG block cipher used is compromised because the master key is baked into its structure which was one of the unspoken and undetectable design flaws.  


    The text and original architecture has seemed to have vanished from books, papers and databases but a handful of people knew the actual core cipher.  Incredibly, FROG was depicted as a weak key class when it wasn’t.  Its original architecture was not being discussed it was MISREPRESENTED and another faux version of it was “destroyed” so no one would look since the Agency took interest.  They wanted the original architecture buried.  As far as Dominion lawsuits for defamation…It seems that the FROGS will destroy them all.  Dominion sent me a letter asking me to retract my article from 2019. Why?  How does that article apply to them?  They want me to retract the math I did- and never mentioned their company.  WHY?  I am a FACT witness.  It is because they realized that I EXPOSED the actual inner workings.  It exploits their “proprietary” information.  Why would I retract the only evidence showing that their “proprietary” software isn’t really proprietary if the master key exists?  The master key is an algorithm that the Central Intelligence Agency purchased back in 1999 and I had the pleasure of learning it when it was running on 8-bit processors.  I don’t need a book or paper to remember the most incredible assembly routine that uses only 17 machine instructions that can complete FULL FROG encryptions and decryptions that are BAKED into all AES Encryption used across the world wide web. 


    Additionally, please refer to the following citizen-made website. for even more tech expert testimonies.  At this link, you will see a video showing that no type of voting machine is secure: see ES&S, Dominion, & Hart InterCivic CEOs at the House Administration Committee testimony on Election Security, Jan 9, 2020.  Next, I ask you to review the video of Mr. Clinton Curtis, Computer Programmer, testifying under oath at an Ohio senate hearing on December 13, 2004.  He designed a program to flip the votes and he states, “the County Boards of Elections would never see it.”  And finally, please see the third video, which reveals the additional risks of using Wireless Modems and Tabulators: see ES&S, Dominion, & Hart InterCivic at the House Administration Committee testimony on Election Security, Jan 9, 2020.  (Source  


    I trust in good faith that you will actually review, digest, and investigate these findings because you have taken an oath of office to serve the public, support the Constitution of The United States and The Constitution of New Jersey under the authority of “The People.”  As American citizens, We The People, all share a civic responsibility to participate in the essential foundation of self-government….not just by voting, but by engaging in every state of the electoral process to ensure our elections are administered legally and fairly with close scrutiny so that we may have confidence in the results.

    The informed American public now wants an honest, verifiable paper-trail of our votes WITHOUT THE USE OF ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEMS.  We also want the election this November to move forward with sequentially marked, paper ballots with hand counting and hand deliverance of paper totals to central counting and a verifiable chain of custody for all.  This will smooth the progress of a legal, fair, and most of all TRANSPARENT election.  Also necessary is an in-depth Sheriff’s investigation into election crimes potentially carried out by many means in 2020, 2021, and 2022.   


    In summary, the problem is vulnerable electronic systems, and the solution is paper ballots, counted by hand with witnesses and on camera.  As long as the problem of FROGS & COTS exist, your newly bought expensive machinery is useless.  These new systems with a so-called paper record of our votes is insufficient to ward off the above-mentioned problems.  Please contemplate the weight of this serious matter and promptly advise how you will address it.  November is right around the corner, and I will be looking for your prompt action.  Thank you kindly for your time and consideration. 





    Héctor Rivera

    35 w 43rd st

    Bayonne NJ, 0700
  • Brittany Mayweathers
    commented 2022-06-16 14:37:53 -0400
    Mr.tom degise Brittany mayweathers has been to every agency in jersey city its a long wait and her application hasn’t been chosen as of yet to recieve benefits as you can see below Brittany mayweathers and her children are due for eviction June 30th she has no where else to go or family Brittany has income but not enough to cover back rent please find a way Brittany can stay at apartment once rent is paid she will have sec8 and they’ll take over future rent. 5517220598 is Brittany mayweathers contact her address is 389 van horne street apartment 2 jc nj rent is to be paid to 463 glennview townhouses on pacific Avenue Brittany just recently buried one of her children during covid she’s in need of help so she won’t be homeless
  • Lauren Nardini Branco
    commented 2022-01-25 13:55:49 -0500
    I am writing on behalf of Hudson Milestones and all NJ health care facilities and congregate setting facilities to voice my firm opposition to the new executive order 283 put in place last week mandating covid-19 vaccines and/or boosters to direct support professionals. This executive order is ludicrous and the impact is detrimental.

    We barely had enough staff to cover our needs for the past two years and now you decide to implement draconian mandates that will indeed cause great harm and crises across the state. The impacted staff have worked hard through the pandemic and the government let them down (lack of PPE, inefficient funding, lack of effective medicines to treat the virus). They still went to work, risking their own health and that of their families’ continuing to support the state’s most vulnerable, the sick and disabled!. It’s unfair that they are going to risk losing their jobs over a vaccine that is proven ineffective from the recent Omicron variant and where natural immunity has been proven more effective against the more severe Delta variant. In the current climate where countries are dropping ALL covid restrictions, NJ is going in the opposite direction and enforcing draconian mandates under the guise of “safety” and “concern”.

    This executive order is doing nothing but exercising your power over the population and is debilitating agencies across the state. Please let me know what you will do when there aren’t enough staff to cover the hospitals and group home facilities? We heard the mandate but no recommendation on what we can do when there are no staff.

    I demand that you provide the option for covid testing, as we have been doing for over a year now and let our HEROES continue to do the wonderful jobs that they do!

    Lauren Nardini Branco
  • Satya Resnick
    commented 2021-12-02 20:20:45 -0500
    I received a mailer that has Tom DeGise quoted saying, among other things:

    “The best way to keep you and your loved ones safe is by getting a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, or if eligible, a booster shot.”

    You stated that the shot is “safe and effective.” Can you provide for me the data from which you made this statement that proves the validity that both the vaccine and the boosters are safe and effective? What long-term studies have been done regarding the vaccines? The boosters? Have there been long-term or even short-term studies on the vaccines combined with the boosters proven the combination both safe and effective? Regarding the vaccines and multiple boosters? Are you aware that two of the pharmaceutical companies shots are not finished in their trials until 2022 and 2023 respectively?

    Right now VAERS has reported almost 20,000 deaths and a million adverse affects, more than every other vaccine in history combined. This includes hospitalizations and incapacity, as well as Myocarditis, which according to one doctor I’ve seen speak reports that the 5-year survival rate from myocarditis is 40%. The FDA has asked to hide the data they used to approve the safety of the shot until 2076 from the public. Why would they want to hide this data for over 50 years?

    A lawyer I spoke with says that making a bold statement like you did on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine makes you accountable. I would like to receive in writing a direct answer to all the questions I posed above. In addition, I would like in writing that Tom DeGise will be monetarily responsible for any damage, physically and financially, that may occur to me or my family if there are side effects—and anyone else—including but not limited to blood clots and death.

    In lieu of this, I would like you to make a public statement, both orally and written, that this statement you made is not based on any scientific information and that you withdraw the statement and apologize. Otherwise, you should prepare for a lawsuit.

    Politicians should not be involved in propaganda and giving medical advice not based on scientific evidence is propaganda and you will be held responsible for this.
  • Melissa Green
    commented 2021-09-22 02:21:02 -0400
    Hi there!

    My name is Melissa.

    Your website or a website that your organization hosts is violating the copyright protected images owned by myself.

    Check out this doc with the URLs to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get the evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    In my opinion you’ve intentionally infringed my legal rights under 17 U.S.C. Sec. 101 et seq. and could be liable for statutory damage as high as $130,000 as set-forth in Section 504©(2) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) therein.

    This letter is official notice. I seek the elimination of the infringing materials referenced above. Please take note as a company, the Dmca requires you, to eliminate or/and terminate access to the infringing content upon receipt of this letter. In case you do not cease the utilization of the previously mentioned infringing content a court action will likely be commenced against you.

    I have a strong faith belief that use of the copyrighted materials described above as presumably infringing is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, as well as law.

    I swear, under consequence of perjury, that the information in this notification is accurate and that I am currently the legal copyright proprietor or am permitted to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive and legal right that is presumably infringed.

    Best regards,

    Melissa Green

  • Scott Fitzgerald
    commented 2021-09-07 11:56:00 -0400
    Also, regarding Jersey City, NJ rewarding a contract to Netta Architects, Mr. Netta working with Mr. Simoes is not an isolated incident.

    A search of the public Union County New Jersey property records under the name of Netta, Nicholas, reveals that on 7/25/19, Mr. Netta and Mr. Simoes worked together on a transaction to obtain a mortgage from a BCB Bank. Why would Mr. Netta work with Mr. Simoes – AFTER he was indicted and arrested by the Feds for an alleged illegal five million dollar mortgage scheme – to obtain a mortgage from a bank?

    Who does that?

    And why would the current Jersey City, NJ mayor and city council award Mr. Netta with a contract to design a new fire house?

    Why should our tax dollars go towards businesses that work with accused felons?
  • Scott Fitzgerald
    commented 2021-09-06 12:44:51 -0400
    Why would Jersey City, NJ award the contract to design its new fire house (construction began last month, August 2021) to Netta Architects when it is public information that Netta Architects does business with people who were indicted and arrested in 2017 for alleged mortgage fraud of five million dollars and facing thirty years in prison?

    Netta Architects hired attorney Fausto Simoes (who was one of three people indicted and arrested re the above) to represent it in an architectural design for Asbury Park, NJ in 2019.

    A Google search of “Fausto Simoes attorney” and “Nick Netta and Fausto Simoes” will verify the above.

    Does this mean that Jersey City, NJ will grant business to anyone who has business dealings with potential felons?
  • Neisha Louhar
    commented 2021-06-01 09:05:11 -0400
    Good morning,

    I’m reaching out regarding EBT. I did not receive my review call this past Friday. I’m in fear of losing support. I’ve called the number listed, but no answer. What should I do?
  • Kelles Sell
    commented 2021-05-03 10:04:50 -0400
  • Melissa Padelski
    commented 2021-05-03 04:20:11 -0400
  • Aidan Thorvalson
    commented 2021-01-13 10:49:06 -0500
    Hi, County Executive Tom DeGise

    My name is Aidan Thorvalson and I am messaging to demand that your terminate your contracts with ICE. The prisoners in their detentions facilities went on a hungerstrike protesting that egregious conditions that they are living in. They do not deserve to be taken away form their families. Especially with Covid-19, it makes the ICE facilites even more dangerous with prisoners at risk of contracting it. Please meet with local advocates to free the prisoners and end the detention of these people.

    Thank you,

    -Aidan Thorvalson
  • Phil Huling
    commented 2020-12-28 17:39:32 -0500
    As a father my Hudson county family is deeply disappointed in the Board of Chosen Freeholders renewing that 10 year ICE contract, November 23rd. To understand that a mere revenue stream was your motive for renewing this contract puts you in the company of the Trumpian pack of nationalistic hatemongers.

    Tom, please change course and keep your promise of two years ago to cancel Hudson County’s Contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Locking up immigrants is as un-American as it gets. You are enabling a callously immoral system of profit by prison.

    Shame on our ‘leadership’ in Hudson County, ICE OUT of HUDSON COUNTY.
  • Brian and Janet Wright
    commented 2020-12-16 14:27:30 -0500
    Mr. DeGise- Just heard about Board of Freeholders extending ICE contract. This is horrendous. We are hoping you can do something to stop this relationship with this organization that has horribly mistreated immigrants. Time to move to a post-Trump world. Please help.
  • Robert Lawson
    commented 2020-12-14 15:18:51 -0500
    It is unconscionable that Hudson County continues to contract with ICE. These contracts should never have been renewed and you need to take action to cancel them now.
  • Suzanne Dell'Orto
    commented 2020-12-14 14:45:14 -0500

    “No governmental entity in New Jersey should be accepting money from ICE to detain individuals, particularly when the agency continues to pursue inhumane, xenophobic policies designed to terrorize and rip apart immigrant families; it has to stop,” —Senator Bob Menendez

    “No private or government entity should be contracting with ICE. These arrangements too often incentivize locking up people who pose no risk to the public, and perpetuate dangerous and dehumanizing immigration enforcement tactics.” Senator Cory Booker
  • Chris Barry
    commented 2020-12-09 16:11:54 -0500
    Tom maybe you should listen to the public. Stop holding your staunch extremist belief’s and listen to the people of Hudson County.

    I hope the North Bergen public works doesn’t try to wack me because of this
  • Tom Ernesto
    commented 2020-12-09 12:32:06 -0500
    Your editorial today on immigration would have been a lot more effective without the intermittent virtue-signaling tirades against Trump. Have the guts to take a stand without using a third party you hate as a justification for them. Never-the-less, it is refreshing to see there’s at least one Democrat who doesn’t want violent criminals roaming our streets.
  • Real American
    commented 2020-12-09 11:36:16 -0500
    Biden only beat President Trump because he cheated. You should be embarrassed by your entire column but you’re another worthless POS. Hopefully you participated in the fraud and will be put in jail where you belong.
  • Colin Mahns
    commented 2020-11-25 22:06:58 -0500
    County Executive DeGise you need to reject any contracts with ICE approved by the Board of Chosen Freeholders. ICE is an agency off the rails and any cent of blood money is not welcome here in Hudson County. If you truly believe Biden, the Vice President during the Obama administration, the same administration that earned the nickname “deported in chief”, will fix anything relating to ICE’s treatment of detainees and those it is separating, you’re a sucker.

    ICE has been found to be performing forced hysterecyomies on women in it’s custody. Do you want to support an agency that has its mission rooted in white supremacy to use the Hudson facility as cover for its more heinous acts? Cut all ties with ICE!
  • Chris Barry
    commented 2020-11-25 21:58:08 -0500
    You collabte with ICE to run concentration camps.

    Give me a call.
  • Alex Gillette
    commented 2020-11-23 21:18:12 -0500
    Stop the negotiations with ICE. YOU committed to ending the contract two years ago. HISTORY IS WATCHING.
  • Michelle Derito
    commented 2020-09-19 17:08:33 -0400
    Need help with my small hair salon. Need help with cares. I’m in business for 45 years. Trying to hang on. Need help with utilities and rent
  • Suzanne Dell'Orto
    commented 2020-09-18 12:24:25 -0400
    I’m contacting you to demand the release of people detained in our community in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and an end to Hudson County’s contract with ICE. You may have heard the news about the whistleblower complaint filed against the Irwin Detention Center. It’s the ICE facility in Georgia that has become notorious overnight for forcibly sterilizing women who are detained there. In case you didn’t know, that is an act of genocide according to the United Nation’s Office on Genocide Prevention. However, the denial of health care to incarcerated people, particularly during a pandemic, is really what the whistleblower complaint was about. Hudson County has its own history of denying healthcare to people in ICE detention. You may recall Gaspar Avendaño-Hernandez whose medical condition, resulting from repeated tasering by ICE in February of 2020, required him to remain hydrated. However, when he was transferred to the Hudson County Jail he was stripped naked, placed in solitary and provided with water only every eight hours. The abuse and cruelty that is going on inside the U.S. immigration system is the product of an intentionally brutal and racist system that goes far beyond one facility. This system, a product of White Supremacist ideology, tortures the primarily Black and Brown people it targets. The question now is – will you have the courage to exercise your power to end this collaboration with ICE and terminate the contract? Will you do it in a way that does not simply trade profiting from one set of people for another? I am referring to the potential contract with Mercer County. I look forward to your response.
  • Debra Ernst
    commented 2020-05-17 14:20:33 -0400
    How come beaches are open and we can’t get Washington Park open??
  • John Bogush
    commented 2020-04-29 09:28:14 -0400
    Please urge Governor Murphy to open NJ golf courses May 1st.
  • John Bogush
    commented 2020-04-25 13:28:27 -0400
    A beautiful sunny Saturday in NJ and you have locked down your residents with any regard for their physical and emotional well being. Exercise some common sense. Open golf courses and other recreational venues where social distancing and other guidelines can be easily observed.
  • John Bogush
    commented 2020-04-24 11:57:41 -0400