Laborers Union Endorses DeGise for Hudson County Executive

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), the 25,000-member political powerhouse in New Jersey, offered its endorsement of Thomas A. DeGise for re-election as Hudson County Executive. The union cited DeGise’s work to grow the local economy and create good-paying middle class jobs for Hudson County residents.


LIUNA Vice President and Eastern Regional Manager Raymond M. Pocino was effusive in his praise of the County Executive.  “Tom DeGise brought integrity and trust to the office of county executive when it was deeply needed.  He brought new ideas and effective leadership to help reform and improve government service in Hudson County, and he helped foster an environment that attracted businesses and created jobs,” said Pocino.

 The DeGise endorsement not only took into consideration the county executive’s role as the head of county government but also his leadership role and contributions in building an effective regional transportation system--the foundation of a strong economy and better quality of life.


“As chair of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Tom DeGise plays a major role in directing transportation infrastructure investment to local communities—investment that eases gridlock, improves mass transit options, and serves as a catalyst for economic growth and stronger communities,” said Pocino.


"I am very honored to receive the endorsement of the Laborers Union today and look forward to working closely with them and our other brothers and sisters in the labor movement to keep making the crucial investments in Hudson County that are necessary to create good jobs and improve our quality of life," said County Executive DeGise. "This endorsement from one of the most politically influential groups in New Jersey adds to the momentum our campaign has received along with the support of ten of our Hudson County mayors and many other local leaders. I would like to thank the Laborers Union once again for their support and I pledge to work hard with them to keep fighting for working families in Hudson County." 


While the election for Hudson County Executive is nearly a year away, the union chose to endorse now to send the message that their support of Tom DeGise is unequivocal and that the membership plans to play an active role in his re-election.

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